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Some customers are not happy with the looks of their furniture and they ask us if we can change it. Of course, we can restyle it, but we can also do a better thing – make custom made new furniture the way you want it to look. Let us explain how we do it.

Customers often ask about the thickness of the wood when they inquire about custom made furniture. And they are right: the thickness should be 1” 1/8 in (28mm). But even a more important question is the moisture content of the wood. The wood should have between 9-12 % of moisture in order to provide optimal conditions for the production of quality furniture. This is important because glue keeps its strength best in this percentage range.

We have catalogues that can help you to choose your style of sofa. Or if you have photographs or sketches you can always show them to us and we use them to create a perfect sofa for you. We can also make a pleated skirt or a gathered skirt for you.

Select seat cushion
When we get to this point we usually call our customers to come to our store and try different types of foam. That way we want to make sure that our customers get the most comfortable foam for them. You can read more about foam density by clicking here.

Select fabric
We have numerous samples of fabric in our store and we are certain you can find some that you will like. If you like a particular fabric but not its colour, for example, we can always contact manufacturers or even visit them in order to find the best fabric for you (obviously there are unlimited combinations of fabric and we cannot have every single one). For more about fabric click here.

Finally, it is necessary to do some finishing touches with your furniture such as style, height, and size of legs and nails. Or if you want fringe or braid we have them for your furniture. We will do our best to incorporate your ideas when we make furniture for you.

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