Elegant Upholstery Threading
Have you ever wondered about the quality of threads when you buy furniture? Probably not, and that is why we would like mention it. There are many types of threads and in our store we use only threads capable of sustaining high physical pressure and high temperatures.

We find the following very important about threads. Thread is supposed to be consistent to the point that the tensions on a machine only need to be set once, for any batch. When going through the needle cycle in an industrial machine the thread is accelerated to over 250 km/h in two opposite directions in each stitch. The needle heats so much that it can fuse certain threads. This process is repeated endlessly while sewing and the threads work through this to produce a flat, strong even seam when properly tensioned and matched to the machine and fabric being sewn.

Elegant Upholstery StitchingA careful choice of the type of needle is also very important, especially when it comes to any movable part of your furniture. If there is no correlations between the size of the thread and the needle a problem with furniture is most likely to occur. For example, if the needle is too big it will result in poor loop formation and missed stitches. All of the raw edges on movable parts of furniture are protected with a five thread over lock machine with safety stitch.
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